Our mission is to facilitate collaboration between STEM and the humanities through publishing STEM-related writing, art, multimedia, and more. This is an interdisciplinary effort--we are an interdisciplinary generation, bringing science and art together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

what we publish

news. science fiction. feature articles. stories. illustrations. concept art. music. memes. skits. podcasts. tutorials. lectures. inventions. science and math problems. research ideas. thought experiments. you name it, we publish it.

how we publish

STEMag processes submissions on a rolling basis. All pieces are published on the site, and can be viewed by category or tag. The most outstanding pieces are published on the Featured page, the STEMag Instagram, and compiled into the monthly email STEMag newsletter sent out to subscribers.


Submissions to STEMag are evaluated by our team of editors from across the globe based on creativity, STEM merit, and technical skill.

a snippet of history

STEMag first started as a passion project in November of 2019 at Fayetteville High School, AR. Today, our team and contributors come from across the world.