flatten the curve

creativity against climate change & COVID-19

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(all profit donated in the winner and MoonPrint's name to Greenpeace for sustainability causes)

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Faced with the confluence of multiple crises, our generation must step up to address the most prominent issues of our time. Two of the issues at the forefront of humanity: climate change and COVID-19. One is a long process that has been neglected right under our noses for over 30 years, and the other came suddenly but exposed long-neglected systemic flaws. For both, we must flatten the curve--of carbon emissions and of coronavirus cases.


Both climate change and COVID-19 are rooted in science but permeate into social, cultural, economic, and political issues. Through creating art, writing, multimedia, and more, we can deeply examine and spread awareness of these issues, their broader implications, and interconnections with other ideas, our history, and our future. This competition recognizes the most creative, insightful, and technically sophisticated works on either climate change, COVID-19, or both.

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