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founder, general editor

Alice Cai is a high school senior and a published author of the novel Crowned: Legend of the Three Bears. Cai has been nationally recognized multiple times by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, including a 2019 Best-in-Grade and a 2020 American Voice medal. Cai is passionate about both storytelling and research; her research on photonic crystals allowed her to qualify as an ISEF finalist in both 2019 and 2020.

Cai believes creativity and communication are essential to STEM fields, and STEM fields, in turn, contribute to fantastic storytelling. She is dedicated to bridging the intersection between the two.



art editor

Arantxa Pardue is a senior at Fayetteville High School, where she is involved with both STEM and fine arts courses. Arantxa’s watercolor paintings have been formerly published in both SciMag and nationally recognized literary magazine, Connotations, and have won “merit award” two years in a row at the Arkansas Fine Arts Festival and Youth Convention. 

Intrigued by music theory and acoustical physics, Arantxa loves to learn about the math behind music and the science behind sound. She has been an Arkansas All State flute soloist, as well as a member in the marching band at her school. You can expect a genuine interest for art and science, a helpful hand, and a big smile!

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writing & multimedia editor

Caitlynn Hauw is a  high school sophomore from California. She’s an educational activist within her community and serves as secretary in her local chapter of the nationwide, education reform movement, GenUp. Caitlynn is also a staff writer in her school’s award-winning newspaper The Nexus. She has further developed her writing as an avid debater in which she has earned both local and regional accolades. In addition to writing, she enjoys coding in her spare time as well as reading. Caitlynn hopes to integrate her passion for STEM with her love of writing and to gain exposure to a greater variety of art selections as an editor for Stemag.  



art editor

Jiehuan Liu is a senior at Fayetteville High School. After moving from China to America three years ago, the different cultures from both countries have inspired her with a unique vision in every aspect of her life, especially in her two passions -- STEM and fine arts. Liu enjoys learning in her science classes, playing the Guzheng, and making art. Because Liu believes art and science complement each other and that art can be explained by science and science can make and be a form of art.

Liu's work can be found in Connotations and Celebrating Art, and has been recognized by Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. On top of this, her work has been awarded the Juror's selection for Cane Hill, First in Grade for Junior Duck Stamp, and more.



writing editor

Amy Wang is a high school sophomore from California. Wang has won four national gold medals and one silver in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition in the past two years and has been admitted into Adroit's summer mentorship program.


As a recipient of National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)'s national 2020 National Certificate of Distinction for Aspirations in Computing, Wang can be found working on robotics programs - her FTC team has won the Inspire award at regional championships, qualifying for Worlds three times. Wang is working as a remote research assistant for Stanford's Cohen lab and has published studies on gender perception in STEM through the Association for Psychological Science.

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writing & multimedia editor

Siya Goel is a high school sophomore from Indiana and is extremely passionate about STEM, specifically computer science and biology. She is an ISEF 2019 and 2020 finalist and has presented her research about pancreatic cancer at many different symposiums hosted by Sigma Xi and JSHS. Along with this, she is part of the executive board of a research group in Michigan called MirCore, the president of HOSA and her school’s research club, and is part of FIRST robotics and debate. Goel has also created her own virtual art studio which helps reduce the loneliness and depression faced by the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Goel believes that communication, creativity, and a passion for science is what is needed to solve the world’s problems, from curing cancer to fighting climate change. In her spare time, Goel loves to play her piano.



writing editor

Josh Kueh is a high school senior from Fayetteville, Arkansas who enjoys participating in a wide array of activities pertaining to the natural and social sciences. He has been nationally recognized numerous times by the National Council of Teachers of English and the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese for his excellence in writing and Spanish, respectively. 

Moreover, Kueh enjoys promoting collaboration between those who speak different languages; science, after all, is a collaborative effort for the betterment of humanity. In his free time, he enjoys learning Spanish and teaching native Spanish speakers English.

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writing & multimedia editor

Rahil is driven by curiosity and is interested a plethora of scientific fields; he is currently a second-year medical microbiology student at the University of Pretoria, in South Africa. He has been an ISEF finalist, been awarded the Dr Derek Gray Award to present his research at the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS), and attend the Nobel Prize festivities in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a passion for writing about science, mostly in the field of biology (genetics, microbiology, physiology) and exploring how and when science and socioeconomic issues meet. His writing explores how different discoveries can pave the way for future, larger ones, leading humanity to evolve in our way of thinking and living. He co-hosts The Dialogue Podcast in which he discusses pressing social trends, science for the public, and topical news.

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art & multimedia editor

Zhiwen Xu is a 2nd-year at the University of Virginia, majoring in biochemistry and studio art on the pre-med track. She started to draw at three. Through art, she wants to bring people happiness. Xu illustrates subjects through the repetition of patterns and vibrant colors. She was the youngest Utah state champion of 2014 Federal Junior Duck Stamp at 13, won numerous 1st places at the annual Arkansas Young Artist Association competition, and has been a fashion show stylist. Xu's work can be found in Scratch Zine, Connotations, etc. Moreover, Xu is passionate about science, selected as the 2017 ISEF finalist, named the 2020 Harrison awardee (one of only four first-years receiving a $4000 grant). Also, a 2019 Coca-Cola Scholar, Xu believes in the importance of connecting art and science and sharing this idea with others.