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Dhawal Anand is a biotechnology student at Lyallpur Khalsa College. Anand says with his work, he wanted to highlight how the pandemic has “not only given a boost to online modes of teaching but also makes it mandatory to have a PC or smartphone…for attaining knowledge regarding any field. Moreover, due to the online mode of teaching, many of the staff are facing unemployment issues… [and] candidates appearing in their board exams are stressed.”


ARTIST STATEMENT: This pandemic is a global health crisis of our decade which will affect our whole life. Here, I tried to merge all the ways Corona has affected our lives in one frame. I divided

my sheet into 2 parts - before and after covid19. Prior to this pandemic, we all depended on our school and colleges for whatever we want to learn, but after covid, we all depend on our PCs, mobile devices, and laptops for the education. We depend on Yoga and meditation beside working out at the gym as it not only keeps us physically fit but also mentally fit. Now, instead of going to the super markets we prefer online mode of shopping. Even changes can be seen in our environment due to covid crisis. As industrial production slowed, so did greenhouse gas production. Wildlife were left alone. I tried to show this effect in my painting. Prior to covid19 we believed in Superheroes like Iron man and Super man, but this crisis makes our corona warriors-doctors and nurses-the incarnation of real hero. Our traditions have changed. Instead of handshaking we now prefer Namaste.

Last, I want to sum up by saying that we together can fight against this invisible ghost by taking all the preventive measures which break the virus chain.

Instagram: @______dhwl

Art instagram: @my_artz_palace

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