At Home Ventilators

What is one invention you would like to see in the next twenty years?


In the next 20 years, I would like to see innovation in hospital-related technology, specifically in context with the global ventilator shortage as a result of Covid-19. These past two years have made medical/healthcare disparities around the U.S. increasingly evident. During weeks where cities are at record high infection rates, hospitals are struggling to meet demands in beds and ventilators. Along with current worries surrounding the lack of medical equipment, new virus strains have continued to emerge, i.e. omicron and delta variants. I think the invention of at-home ventilators would allow hospitals a safety net if they can’t provide adequate equipment in times of high infection rates or if new strains continue to surface. The at-home ventilator would allow you to pump oxygen from your body from home, but alert you if in-hospital care was necessary. It would also allow people who are lower risk to stay at home and receive treatment, while keeping hospital beds in stock for those at high risk and in need of hospital care.

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