The Food Climate

By Laura Avila


This art was made using a number 2 pencil and multi-use paper. I also used a paper towel to rub in the pencil and shade the fruits and vegetables. Climate change is one of those things that you know exists, but you don’t really pay attention to, and every day we see the little changes from climate change. However, not everyone is seeing how climate change could really impact their lives. This piece shows a side of climate change not many people think about. It brings attention to one of the consequences of climate change, which is the increased prices of produce. On the left is a healthy pepper, which cost around 1 dollar and 25 cents, but on the very right is a rotten apple that cost way more. The apple also has already been bitten to represent the decrease in production. A lot of people don’t pay attention to climate change, but it’s because they don’t believe it could affect them that much. So, this piece shows them that climate change will affect them and the prices they pay, which will make people pay more attention to it.

Laura is currently a Fayetteville High Student studying to be a computer scientist. She wants to use her artistic abilities to highlight everyday problems.


This piece was a submission to the 2021 Flatten the Curve Competition.

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